On Wednesday, 12th September 2018, an official meeting of Slovene and Croatian partners will take place presenting the international project Frisco 2.1 – Modernization and upgrading of the Vonarje barrier. The event will take place at the Primula 2 Hall in the Olimia Congress Center, Zdraviliška cesta 24, Podčetrtek starting at 1pm.

The gathering will be addressed by the Podčetrtek Municipality mayor, Peter Misja, director of Slovenian Water agency, Tomaž Prohinar, director of Croatian Water, Zoran Đuroković, director of the Water Management Office, mag. Suzana Stražar, representative of Croatian waters, Sanda Buconjić Kolarić, head of the area of the Savinja area (DRSV), Alenka Zupančič and representative of Croatian waters, Zoran Marković.

After the event, a shorter discussion and socializing will follow. Kindly invited.