Vonarje, April 29, 2019 – In the frame of Frisco 2.1 project construction work under the so-called contract 1 are carried out according to the plan. During this month, key professional works were done on the Slovenian side of the dam. Professional works include installation of an accelerometer, a piezometer and an inclinometer into the structure of the dam Vonarje.

The accelerograph detects and records vibrations in the ground. The accelerograph, which serves to measure the movement of the dam, is installed in borehole on the top of dam.

The piezometer is located in borehole at the edge of the dam. It measures the water level.

The inclinometer measures the horizontal shifts. The inclinometer is located in the borehole, located on the air edge of the crown of the dam.

All three observation instruments integrated into the body of the dam will be connected with the communication equipment and the power system. Collected data will be remotely accessible in real time.

The purpose of the Frisco 2.1 Project is to implement structural flood risk reduction measures in the Sotla/Sutla River basin through the modernization and upgrade of Vonarje Dam. The project area is a cross-border area of the Sotla/Sutla River (on both sides of the border), with implementation planned over a period of 24 months.