The rehabilitation of Vonarje – Sutlansko Lake Dam to be executed within the FRISCO 2.1 Project is an essential structural measure aimed at improving the dam safety and functionality. The dam is currently a dry (drained) storage reservoir/retention basin that is used for successful retention of a water wave during heavier rain events.

The FRISCO 2.1 Project foresees rehabilitation of the dam which will eventually retain its existing dimensions, function and requirements. The rehabilitation includes a number of structural measures with the implementation of which the expected project results will be achieved:

  • Rehabilitation of damaged concrete parts of the dam using adequate material (epoxy crack injection; protecting the visible reinforcing steel with anti-corrosion coating; applying repair mortar to concrete surfaces);
  • Replacement of metal railings on structures and approach bridge (link between the dam and overflow structure);
  • Replacement of worn-out metal gates and gate operation equipment;
  • Replacement of a canopy over the gate operation area;
  • Anti-corrosion protection for the approach bridge metal structure;
  • Installation of dam monitoring equipment (accelerographs, piezometers, inclinometers);
  • Installation of equipment for automatic operation and remote control of gates

After the completion of the FRISCO2.1 Project, the dam is expected to be fully functional in accordance with the highest European standards.