The dam is currently a dry (drained) storage reservoir that serves for successful retention of a water wave during heavier rain events. It is regularly maintained, with the accompanying dam facilities also properly managed.

Vonarje Dam is an earthen dam with overflow facilities – a bottom outlet with a stilling basin, a side spillway with an outlet structure, and a facility to control water levels with gates. The dam structures (concrete parts) and hydro-mechanical equipment (gates, screens) are in poor state of repair and require rehabilitation.

Basic technical information about Vonarje Dam:

  • Dam crest level 211.45 m asl;
  • Overflow level 207.50 m asl;
  • Maximum level 209.35 m asl;
  • Safety freeboard 1.5 m;
  • Dam height above terrain 14.85 m;
  • Dam length 102.2 m;
  • Crest width up to 4.0 m;
  • Biological minimum of 120 l/s;
  • Storage reservoir volume at 207.50 m asl: 8,7 x 106 m3
  • Storage reservoir volume at 209.35 m asl: 12.4 x 106 m3